Taking down the tree…

Forgive me but this isn’t a food post.

I’m posting this under the photography part of my site’s title: Blue Cayenne Food and Photography.

Does anyone else out there get a little melancholy taking down the tree?

When we traveled the world, I collected items I could turn into Christmas ornaments–my prized Kashmiri paper mache bells decorated with lovely miniature paintings, small metal African masks, South American angels, raucously-colored Chinese dragons, Nepalese stupa keychains and on and on.

Always…always, our tree was topped with the sweet angel Dixon and I bought at Pic-N-Sav the first year we were married.

Decorating the tree was a joy–as much a joy in the putting up as in the taking down.

I didn’t have a tree for a number of years after my husband died. My boxes of ornament treasures sat untouched in the lonely confines of my garage rafters.

Then, last year, my artist friend Norma gently nudged me to buy a tree, offering to transport the tree in her SUV. Kind and wonderful friend that she is, Norma helped me with my tree again this year. In the process, she gave me back Christmas.

Yesterday, as I took my tree down, I decided to photograph a few of the ornaments that have given me such delight.


Christmas angelsm dragonssm Indian ridersm kashmir ballssm kashmir bellsm sa dollssm

African maskssm

3 thoughts on “Taking down the tree…”

  • This certainly strikes a cord with me. My mom always put up the tree. As near to a perfect conical shape as possible. Every precious ornament was hung with an artistic flair. You could see the chronological order of every kid in the family just by looking at their special place on the tree. The lights were always bright but never overdone. It looked so beautiful and would stay up till the first weekend after NYE. Sadly, this was the first year I didn't have her tree to behold. But I will start up the tradition again next Christmas. Thank you, Lorraine!
  • This was a beautiful Christmas Story. It made me realize how important our special family traditions are....Thank you for sharing this... and I love your angel! ....xx marion
  • The photos of your ornaments are beautiful. How fortunate you are to have so many ornaments where each one holds a very special and dear memory!!!

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