About Me

Hello. I’m a retired high school history teacher with a life-long love of cooking and photography. I live in Southern California with my trusted dog, Juliet.

I have been fortunate in my life to have traveled across much of the globe, and, in doing so, I’ve savored cuisines far and wide–from India to Zimbabwe and beyond. With the exception of some fried chicken feet I encountered in China’s Stone Forest, I have pretty much loved it all. Give me an interesting recipe to try in my kitchen and you’ve made my day.

In setting up this blog (and in life generally), I’m grateful to my neighbors and friends who have stepped up as my chief tasters and gentle critics and to my talented photography mentor, Al Nomura, who has given me immeasurable help and encouragement with my photography. Thanks, too, to Nami Aoyagi. Her excellent PhotoShop Elements classes at The Huntington Beach Adult School taught me so much about computers and layouts. I can’t imagine having been able to maneuver the confusing mire of webpage settings without the background I got in her classes.

Here is a photo of my Juliet, my other chief taster and best friend. Rest assured, Juliet has a very sophisticated palate. She is particularly fond of my home-made strawberry ice cream.