Did it. Guacamole with peas!

  You know how, when you aren’t exactly sure you want to do something,  you put it off—turning instead to “must do” projects like sorting the dog’s toys by size and color? This week I’ve been nagged by the feeling that I needed to make […]

Warming up on a chili day

It has been chilly here in southern California for the last couple of days. I found a thick coat of frost on my car this morning and my thermostat registered 55 degrees in my house. Even my pup Juliet was reluctant to leave the warmth […]

Caldo Con Queso (Spicy Cheese and Chile Chowder)

I just enjoyed two bowls of this soup for breakfast. According to a Hatch Valley Chile Festival site: “Hot chile peppers burn calories by triggering a thermodynamic burn in the body, which speeds up metabolism.” I’m not sure about the thermodynamic burn part. Sounds kinda […]

Juliet, Halloween, and Corn

The plan was for Juliet, a scary and wicked witch last year, to be Juliet Sparrow, the brave pirate, this year, but, blimey!, we had to scuttle that plan. All the pirate hats were way too big. Halloween Plan B: Here’s Juliet, the Sweet Sea […]

Friendship, Carole King and Cheese Enchiladas

        Last night, a group of old friends and I got together at Costa Mesa’s Segerstrom Center for the Arts to see the Carole King musical Beautiful. It was a snap-your-fingers kind of show, one that made you laugh out loud and […]

As American as enchilada sauce…

  “For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail?” —-Ralph Waldo Emerson Happy 4th of July. In deference to the America that embraces both diversity and unity, here is a great recipe for your holiday table where enchiladas are as […]


Do you have a bucket list? Mine is a culinary bucket list and my list is extensive. So… the good news for me is that I can’t, as they say, lay down my knife and fork for a very long time. My list, as you might […]

Chiles Rellenos

    Are you a gastronaut? The Urban Dictionary defines a gastronaut as “a person who is willing to go to great lengths to find exotic and often bizarre foods to eat.” I don’t know about the bizarre part, but I confess that I’m a […]