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Juliet, a particularly cold day and (BAM!) a steaming bowl of split pea and pearl barley soup

  It is cold here in Huntington Beach–morning frost-on-the-roof cold. Even the intrepid Juliet, who has never met a walk she didn’t like, has found the wind and the cold daunting despite being clothed in her warmest turtle-neck sweater. Yesterday morning, when the winds were […]

Happy O’Halloween!

    Happy O’Halloween from scary Juliet, my favorite witch. Look deeply into those big brown eyes and be very afraid. Juliet packs five pounds of ‘tude when she needs to. According to a book on one of my bookshelves, Halloween originated in 5th Century […]

Elegant Cream of Tomato Soup



Here is a wonderful cream of tomato soup.

I’m pretty picky about what I serve to guests and I would serve this soup at a dinner party without hesitation.
Absent distracting spices, the flavor of the tomatoes is pure and intense and the fresh basil leaves subtly complement the tomato flavor.
To my mind, you should only make this soup when you have the season’s best tomatoes. I used heirloom tomatoes from this week’s farmers market. The recipe calls for lots of butter and cream, so this is a recipe to make when you want to celebrate. (You will note the dollops of butter floating in the soup in the photo.)
The recipe is easy to prepare and is better the second day when the basil has had time to infuse itself into the soup.
You will never go back to Campbell’s. I promise.
By the way, Juliet gives this recipe five stars. I moved my soup and props into the den where the light was better to take my photographs. I carefully set everything up on the floor in front of my den window. I shot some photographs but decided that I needed a different napkin that I thought would be better in the photo. As I left the room, I carefully closed the door to be sure Juliet would not help herself to my soup. Juliet, wily pup that she is, had quietly let herself into the room before I closed the door, however. By the time I came back into the room, she was blissfully lapping up the creamy soup. I grabbed my camera and caught this shot of Juliet. I guess I have a little gourmet on my hands. Who knew?