I’m sitting here at my computer, just home from a holiday shopping excursion and nursing a coffee mocha I treated myself to on the way home. It’s cold here in Huntington Beach and my icy fingers are warmed by the zarf that encircles my pretty minimalist red cup from Starbucks.

Blue Cayenne is now just over two months old. I’m still learning the ropes of writing a food blog but I’m enjoying it every baby step of the way. Clearly, I’m a cuisinomane. (See the link at the end of this blog.)  I find that I am inspired to try more new recipes and I’m enjoying sharing some of my old recipes like the Egyptian Lentil soup that I posted yesterday. Do try that one. You won’t regret it, particularly if you save it for a day when you are hangry after fighting the holiday crowds.

I’m enjoying the foodspo, too. It is, I’m finding, a real artform to photograph food and difficult sometimes to convey both the beauty and the deliciousness of a particular dish. I don’t always get it right (like that damn glare on the spoon pictured with the lentil soup) but I’m learning. I’m hoping that Al Nomura, my photo teacher, can help me out on that one. He knows everything. After all, he has promised to teach me how to make a glass of liquid “glow” in a photograph. Stay tuned.

I’m enjoying writing, too, and enjoying reading even more about food.I’ve found that this blog gives me permission to sit a bit longer to read the food section of the newspaper and to scour the web for interesting food stories.

You never know what you will find out. Did you know, for instance, that there is a full-on war going on over the meaning of the word “mayo”–complete with leaked e-mails, dirty tricks and  lots ‘o lawyers? The issue is whether a vegan company can call its product “mayo.” Hellmann’s says they can’t. At the moment, the Food and Drug Administration is involved and everything is at a stalemate. (Was stalemate a food pun? Sorry.) And, did you know that some cuisinomanes, the climatarians, are altering their diets to do their part to fight climate change? They eat locally, choose their proteins carefully and work energetically to limit food waste. My reading has also informed me that there is a nascent movement to eat one’s food in the company of cats…in cat cafes. (I’m not telling Juliet about that one. I think it would cross a line in the sand(box) that Juliet has clearly drawn regarding her fractured relationship with her arch enemies–cats.)

Well, it is getting late. I have been enjoying my writing and the time has crept up on me. It is almost wine o’clock. Gotta go.

Important P.S. My Grammarly app keeps informing me that I’m confusing my words in this post. If you, too, have noticed that and perhaps suspected that I’ve spent a wee too much time celebrating my wine o’clock happy hour, au contraire. I’m introducing you to this year’s new food words.

Here is the link, so you can enjoy the article and decipher my post. You’ll have to learn the term “piecaken” for yourself…and cookie butter. I won’t even go there!

“Foodie,” by the way, is so last year!

NY Times: You May Eat These Words in 2016

4 thoughts on “Piecaken”

  • OH my, you are really "with it." I just learned hangry (from my daughter-in-law raising four little kids who are always hangry, it seems). And food porn is so new to my vocabulary that I'm not ready to drop it in favor of foodspo. I am a locavore, which I think describes my eating habits better than climatarian, although I eat locally grown foods to help fight climate change. But I love beef and lamb and eat them as much as chicken, turkey and pork. However, we do have a lot of vegetarian meals to help combat climate change. I have cooked a turducken, but have no plans to make a piecaken. Great post.
  • I haven't even looked at the recipe yet, have been enjoying reading your lively (and lovely) article about food, words and ideas about photographing food, and can't wait to see the shiny liquid photo . I hadn't noticed the shiny spoon!....wonderful reading on your Web page Lorraine, I know who would be terribly proud of you.

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