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In my quest to understand the nuances of selecting the best olive oil for my table, I came across this video that I thought I would pass along.  The video features olive oil judge and restauranteur Johnny Madge. He gives a convincing lesson on how to evaluate a great olive oil, a skill that I’ve found elusive up until now.

Where to find a great olive oil locally ?  Believe me, I’ve tried–from Costco to 41Olive  to Antica. In the end, I’ve been most impressed by the oils from the  Antica Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Vinegars store in Los Alamitos. Here is a link to their store: anticooliveoil.com  I am grateful to my friend Sarah who introduced me to Antica oils with a tasting class last year.

The people at Antica are friendly and their olive oil is ever-so-much better (and fresher) than the olive oils I’ve bought elsewhere. Right now I’m enjoying their Australian picholine olive oil but their inventory changes as fresh new olive oils are released from across the world. The picholine I’m currently using in my kitchen has a decidedly peppery bite and complements so many of the things I’m cooking at the moment—from omelettes to vinaigrettes to tomato sauces. Antica also carries olive oils infused with various flavorings  and balsamic vinegars. I’m particularly fond of their cranberry pear white balsamic vinegar and their blood orange olive oil.

These olive oils would be great to use in the vinaigrette dressing I posted last month: Vinaigrette


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  • Great! There are other Johnny Madge videos online that are interesting to watch. Be sure to have Antica explain the shelf life of their olive oil and buy what you can use in that time. When I'm in their store, I find it a bit difficult to control myself (much as I do at the farmers market!). So many of their oils look and taste good and I overbuy. Thanks so much for posting on my site.
  • Fantastic. I've never seen an olive oil tasting video or one done in person described in this kind of detail. It is much link wine tasting. I can appreciate the warming tips. As for the local Antica store in Alamitos, I am on my way! Thank you for the info.

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