Halloween Food: Soul Cakes

The Epicurious  food site ran this interesting article on Halloween and food–soul cakes to be precise. Soul cakes were  a scone-like biscuit given to beggars on Samhain, a medieval end-of-harvest forerunner to our Halloween.

As an extra treat, Epicurious included a link to Peter, Paul and Mary (in 1965) singing their adaptation of a folk song about soul cakes. What a treasure that group was! Take a moment to listen to them sing A Soalin’. It will get you in the mood for the ghouls and goblins who will pester you at your door tonight.

Here is the link:



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  • This looks like a good and filling winter soup. People living alone like one dish meals that are easy to make and last for a few days! Also always nice for drop in guests!

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