Julia’s Provencale Tomato Sauce

Julia’s Provencale Tomato Sauce

  We have a lot of things to thank Julia Child for beyond the fact that she popularized French home cooking here in the U.S. She made cooking cool. She pioneered a cooking show genre that has exploded into the countless cooking shows that eat […]

Red Pepper-Ricotta Pesto

One of my favorite cooking magazines, Cook’s Illustrated, runs a quirky “Quick Tips” column that I love. In a two-page spread in each issue, cooks around the country send in ingenious “hacks” they have developed to get around some of cooking’s daily annoyances. (Did I […]

As American as enchilada sauce…

  “For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail?” —-Ralph Waldo Emerson Happy 4th of July. In deference to┬áthe America that embraces both diversity and unity, here is a great recipe for your holiday table where enchiladas are as […]