Salad Dressings

Sweet Dreams and Salad Days

Sweet Dreams and Salad Days

Yesterday I had the good fortune to get together with old friends. We ate a lot, laughed a lot and caught up on each other’s lives. Juliet got a lot of attention, too. It was a very good day all around. Today Juliet is sleeping […]

Asian Zucchini Noodle Salad

Asian Zucchini Noodle Salad

Spiralizers. You’ve probably heard of them. Toaster-sized spiralizer appliances take boring old potatoes, beets and zucchini–you know, the vegetables that come to you in the elegant shapes that Mother Nature intended– and turn them into noodles. (Forgive my snark.) Nevertheless, I confess that I’m a […]

Salad Days!  Summer Squash Carpaccio with Arugula

Salad Days! Summer Squash Carpaccio with Arugula

    With the weather heating up here in Southern California, these are salad days to be sure. A digression: If you’ve ever wondered about that expression, “salad days” has Shakespearean origins. In Antony and Cleopatra, a rueful Cleopatra laments her youthful inexperience and recklessness– “…my salad […]

Avocado-Cilantro Salad Dressing

Avocado-Cilantro Salad Dressing

  I’ve lived in my home for forty-seven years and for most of that time we had an enormous Haas avocado tree in our back yard. Talk about an embarrassment of riches! In addition to the abundance of avocados we had to eat and give away […]

Black-Eyed (Cow) Pea Salad for the New Year!

  OK everyone. All together now. Say cowpeas. That’s what black-eyed peas are. They are a type of cowpeas, “one of the most ancient crops known to man” according to Purdue’s horticultural Jefferson Institute, and the real shocker is that they aren’t really peas at all. […]

Basil Vinaigrette

      There I was, like a jilted bride ditched at the altar, clutching a huge bouquet of leafy emerald green sweet basil and wondering what the heck to do next. Believe me, I had no plans for any major cooking projects using basil […]

Roasted Sweet Onion Salad Dressing and Musings about Weetabix and Cobb Salad

Do you get the dreaded “midnight munchies?” Me, too. Here’s a photo. OK. Maybe that isn’t me. But, alas, my refrigerator raids seldom get more inventive than a bowl of Weetabix and just enough cold milk to keep the Weetabix crispy. I’ve had many a […]

Foolproof Vinaigrette

  I pride myself on preparing some complicated dishes. Sometimes, though, the simple stuff trips me up. Like vinaigrette salad dressing. Here is a vinaigrette recipe I’m loving. Recipe: Foolproof Vinaigrette 2 T. white balsamic vinegar 3 T finely minced shallot 1 t. mayonnaise 1 […]

Roquefort Dressing (or Dip)

A long time ago in a galaxy as close as a whisper there was a full and creamy salad dressing other than Ranch.  No. Really. It was called Roquefort and it was wonderful. I have been making this Roquefort dressing for about forty years. Here is […]

French Vinaigrette

  Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most elusive–a good toaster, a potato salad with a bright flavor and a really good vinaigrette, for example. Although I cook a lot and put salads toward the top of the list of foods I enjoy, […]