Olive oil

Olive Oil Cake

Olive oil in a cake? Yuck. Don’t get me wrong. I love olive oil. I regularly drive to Los Alamitos’ Antica Olive Oil store to buy the best olive oils I can find. There, I enthusiastically swirl, sniff, sip and swallow  the various offerings freshly poured […]

Red Pepper-Ricotta Pesto

One of my favorite cooking magazines, Cook’s Illustrated, runs a quirky “Quick Tips” column that I love. In a two-page spread in each issue, cooks around the country send in ingenious “hacks” they have developed to get around some of cooking’s daily annoyances. (Did I […]

Olive Oil

In my quest to understand the nuances of selecting the best olive oil for my table, I came across this video that I thought I would pass along.  The video features olive oil judge and restauranteur Johnny Madge. He gives a convincing lesson on how […]