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Tomato and Bean Soup with Harissa and Honey

    This healthy Middle Eastern soup is wonderful. It’s spicy–flavored with a robust harissa paste. It’s full of flavorful and protein-rich Rancho Gordo Marcella white beans. It’s filled with good-for-you greens. It’s just what you need to warm your soul–whether you are caught in […]

B’stilla: Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but  (make it) soon.

B’stilla: Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but (make it) soon.

    I ate my first B’stilla years ago in Casablanca. I fell in love. (Cue the music: As time Goes By.) We had travelled to Spain to visit Jim Shelton, a teacher friend who had moved to Alicante. Then, on a romantic whim, we booked […]

Your Guests Will Bless Your Hand: Hlelem (Tunisian Bean Soup)

Your Guests Will Bless Your Hand: Hlelem (Tunisian Bean Soup)

  I’m enjoying a fair amount of Middle Eastern/North African cooking of late. I love the bold flavors and the high-intensity colors of the dishes from that region. Brings back good memories, too. When the world was a gentler place, my husband and I did a […]

Middle Eastern Eggplant Rice

To my delight, I’ve realized that I have some holes in my cookbook collection. My Middle Eastern cookbook shelf, in particular, is a little thin. I say “to my delight” because, believe me, I welcome any excuse to buy new cookbooks. Picture me with a […]

Moroccan Harira Soup on a wet morning

  It has been raining here in southern California. Wet. Glistening. Rain. After the long drought and precious little rain from last year’s fizzle of an El Nino, it is a delight to just stand outside and get drenched. Juliet? Not so much. The pup […]

Vegetable Soup with Spinach and Farro

        I found this soup recipe on the Washington Post site and the ideas of pureeing some of the chickpeas as a technique to increase the creaminess of the soup broth and of adding farro to give the soup substance intrigued me. In […]

Persian Eggplant Sandwich and A Serious Cookbook Addiction

Is there a support group for compulsive cookbook buyers? Hundreds of cookbooks share my office bookshelves with my collection of history and political science books from my thirty-two year teaching career and my growing collection of photography books. My history books are sacred possessions but I’m […]

Tiropita: One bite and all is forgiven

  Do you have PDA (phyllo-dough anxiety) ? A lot of people I know do. They get quiet and their eyes take on that glassy far-away look when we have “the talk” about phyllo. My stock answer is that phyllo is very very forgiving. Rip […]

Turkish Eggplant with Yogurt and Green Chile Oil

Does your food smile? Superstar (and perfectionist) chef Yotam Ottolenghi has been known to empty shelves displaying food in his delis because of the smile factor (actually, the no smile factor). In Ottolenghi’s food world, you have to be able to taste the food before […]