Food Nostalgia

Nana, Spunk,  and Vinegar Chocolate Cake

Nana, Spunk, and Vinegar Chocolate Cake

Nana was my grandmother. When I was a little girl, I would spend long happy weekends at her house.¬†She always had a stack of books for me to read–young reader mysteries, as I recall. Sometimes she would take me to the tiny beauty shop improbably […]

Julia’s Provencale Tomato Sauce

Julia’s Provencale Tomato Sauce

  We have a lot of things to thank Julia Child for beyond the fact that she popularized French home cooking here in the U.S. She made cooking cool. She pioneered a cooking show genre that has exploded into the countless cooking shows that eat […]

Parker House Rolls for Thanksgiving, Ho Chi Minh, and The Tales of Hoffman (Really!)

Composer Jacques Offenbach was so taken with Parker House rolls that be burst into spontaneous song when he and his friends enjoyed them. That song was later used as a theme is his unfinished opera The Tales of Hoffman. Those must have been some rolls! […]

Life Is Beautiful Bread Soup

My husband used to tell me about his father making bread soup for him and his mother during The Great Depression–bread and milk and that was it. As my husband told it, the family sat around their kitchen table and a had a “Life Is […]

Food Nostalgia: Airplane Cuisine

What was your best eating experience on an airplane? Your worst? David Lebovitz recently reposted a nostalgia piece on his food blog about airline food of yore (posted below) and it got me thinking about my food experiences on airplanes. Today, you are lucky to […]