Food News

Using Salt Better

Interesting article about using salt in foods from today’s New York Times.   NY Times: The Single Most Important Ingredient

TED Talk About Food, Taste and Spaghetti Sauce

Interesting (and entertaining) TED talk about food  and how we taste it.  

It’s thumbs down for French food (with kids)

  If you need a little humor in your life, this cute video shows children’s reactions to tasting some traditional French dishes–beef tartare, mussels, duck pate and cereal with chocolate milk, among others. Needless to say, things didn’t go well.  

Halloween Food: Soul Cakes

The Epicurious  food site ran this interesting article on Halloween and food–soul cakes to be precise. Soul cakes were  a scone-like biscuit given to beggars on Samhain, a medieval end-of-harvest forerunner to our Halloween. As an extra treat, Epicurious included a link to Peter, Paul […]

Knife Tips

Sorry not to have posted for a couple of weeks. My beloved dog, Juliet, has been sick and I’ve been worried sick about her. When I’m “worried sick,” I eat Rosarita refried beans right out of the can. It is my comfort/junk food. She is […]

An international ice cream primer…

  I thought this was interesting. I’m not sure about that German Spaghetti-Eis, though! Ice Cream Around The World

Life Is Beautiful Bread Soup

My husband used to tell me about his father making bread soup for him and his mother during The Great Depression–bread and milk and that was it. As my husband told it, the family sat around their kitchen table and a had a “Life Is […]

Food Myths

I ask you. What can you believe in if you can’t believe in the superior goodness of iron-rich spinach? This is an interesting piece from The Guardian about the influence lobbyists and the government have had in (mis)shaping our beliefs about nutrition. Makes you wonder […]

A “Keurig” for Tortillas

Pretty cool machine, but is there really a market for 79 cent tortillas?

Give (imperfect) peas a chance

For those of you who, like me, have slight imperfections (you know who you are), here is an interesting article from NPR that raises the possibility that ugly fruits and vegetables actually may be more nutritious than the “super-model” produce that edges them out on […]